The Decision to Get Help at AA Treatment Centers Portland

Finding AA Treatment Centers Portland: The Decision to Get Help

The first step towards ending alcohol addiction is making the decision to seek professional help. Often, those struggling with alcoholism find that the decision to seek help doesn't come easily to them. Several reasons, including embarrassment, depression, shame, denial, and fear of the detoxing process prevent substance abusers to reach out for help. AA treatment centers Portland can help.

While many people are aware of the negative physical effects alcohol has on the body, many fail to understand the emotional devastation it brings to addicts and their families as well. Lack of motivation, depression, and low self-esteem fuel the desire for addicts to continue on the self-destructive path of alcohol addiction. Addicts aren't the only ones affected by this disease; families and other relationships are torn apart every day from the emotional stress caused by alcoholism and the refusal to seek help. Portland AA rehab centers help addicts carefully throughout their entire journey to recovery. From 24-hour physical monitoring during the withdrawal and detoxification process, to counseling and support group therapy on an outpatient basis, Portland addiction centers provide all the necessary tools to not only give those suffering from alcoholism a chance at getting their lives back, but keeping them on the right track and avoiding the chance of relapse.

Finding the Program That Works for You

Addiction affects all different ages at various stages in life. Because there aren't standard causes for alcoholism, treatment for such a disease shouldn't always be the same for everyone. AA treatment centers Portland provides multiple approaches to sobriety, such as inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, support groups and counseling services. Based on each patient's specific needs, an individualized plan of care is designed during the initial consultation.

Portland addiction centers understand that taking the first step to recovery may be difficult. Many times, denial and anger hinder an addict's ability to accept professional help. Treatment begins the day the problem is recognized.

Because recognition of the problem proves to be the most crucial part of recovery, AA treatment centers Portland take the initial call for help as an opportunity to educate addicts about rehabilitation services and form trusting relationships. Counselors work closely with patients to help them realize that admitting to alcohol addiction is the stepping-stone to a life-altering, multi-step journey. Most Portland AA rehab centers offer inpatient services supervised by physicians and nurses to ensure the patient's safety 24-hours a day, during the critical detox process.

Once the detox process is complete, professional counselors will monitor progress by offering inpatient therapy sessions and giving patients the ability to open up about the experiences or conditions that may have led them to addiction in the first place. Portland addiction centers also offer outpatient therapy sessions to those who feel comfortable juggling daily life while continuing on the right path to sobriety.

For more information about treatment centers in your area, contact AA treatment centers Portland to speak to an addiction specialist today.

About Portland

Known as the "City of Roses" for its garden-growing weather, Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Its unique urban culture and scenic greenery make Portland AA rehab centers inspiring environments for those seeking treatment in an open-minded and eco-friendly city. Portland addiction centers allow residents to experience the beautiful seasonal changes while regaining control of their lives. For further information about Portland addiction centers, contact AA treatment centers Portland today to make the necessary steps towards a better life.





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