Substance Addiction Rehabilitation in Portland, OR

When you battle addiction for weeks, months or even years, it wears on your body and mind. Choosing a quality alcohol and drug rehab center is your first line of defense against ongoing addiction. Allow our team to put a program in place to get you in tune with a sober future. You can turn your life around with professional guidance.

Drugs are Deceiving

What are drugs? Not all drugs are typical movie fare. From sniffing paint to taking painkillers, drugs have numerous forms and effects on people. You may not believe you are an addict until it's pointed out by friends and family. If a substance is interrupting your daily life, from home responsibilities to career goals, it's time to take a hard look at yourself. We can help you find a balance without involving a substance. Your health is the number one priority.

Fighting the Substance

We help you detoxify during initial treatment in our rehab hospital. With our help, you can stop the strong cravings. However, detoxification is a difficult period. Your body may fight against you to score the substance. They provide medicinal help and counseling to get you through the first rough patch. This detox period is typically accompanied by residential treatment where you stay at and professionals. They will get you through this.

Building Your Support

A successful fight against drug dependence must be paired with support. Facilities bring clients together in group therapy sessions to help them bond with others. However, a support system also needs to extend to family and friends. Seek out loved ones who have helped you in the past. Avoid people who only enabled your substance abuse in the past, such as old drinking buddies. Starting a sober life also entails altering the influences around you. Only positivity should remain constant in your life.

Highly trained staff are ready to devise a addiction rehab treatment plan that works for your personality and lifestyle. There is no single program that can fix all drug abuse problems.

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