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Cedar Hills Hospital is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility that is located at 10300 SW Eastridge St in Portland, Oregon. Treating substance abuse involves multiple stages of treatment through a recovery program such as that offered by Cedar Hills Hospital. This can include group counseling, individual counseling, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and medically assisted detox, among many others. Treatment programs are based on the individual themselves and are constructed to suit each patient individually. Just as every person is unique, so should treatment programs and that is exactly what patients will receive at Cedar Hills Hospital.

If addicts do not obtain the right type of support and guidance, they may find treatment to be very difficult as the thought of sobriety can seem so far-fetched. At Cedar Hills Hospital, professional counseling and guidance are provided to all patients aged 18+, giving them the strength needed in order to obtain a life that is free of drug and alcohol addiction. By altering the patient's outlook on life through addiction treatment, they will be able to stay positive throughout the duration of rehab.

The staff members at Cedar Hills Hospital have a mission and that is to give patients effective and quality addiction treatment so that long-lasting sobriety can be obtained. The path to a positive future starts on a positive foot and that begins at Cedar Hills Hospital. Confronting addiction is a difficult thing to do, but it is the most important step in the recovery process. Through professional counseling during the patient's time in treatment, patients will learn coping skills and trigger management which is imperative to the success of maintaining sobriety.

Maintaining sobriety on one's own is extremely difficult, especially when the addict has tried to go 'cold turkey' on their own. This is because it requires medically-assisted detox in order to properly and safely wean the body off of the substance of abuse. This way the body does not go through sudden withdrawal nor experience harsh side effects. Cedar Hills Hospital can provide patients with all of the necessary tools, treatments, and resources so that patients have every opportunity to succeed in recovery.

Getting treatment is the best option when seeking a life that is free of substance abuse. Get the help required now and start living the best life possible. Contact Cedar Hills Hospital by visiting cedarhillshospital.com now.

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Google Reviews

  5.0   1 year ago

This place literally saved my life. For that, I’m eternally grateful. I was there in the fall of 2016, and my life and health continues to improve each day. I witnessed the same outcome in other patients lives that were there with me. A treatment program is only as good as your dedication to it. Cedar Hills gave me the guidance and tools I needed for my continued success. Thank you, again.

  5.0   1 year ago

The staff are super friendly and quick. Allow us privacy when talking to family and gives us quick updates.

  4.0   1 year ago

Well all of the adult psychiatric,Doctors,therapsits,counselors,nurses,ect.. are very nice&try to help you to understand your mental health iuess& how they&you can deal with them&they keep you&others safe,if they have to they will put you into involuntary psychiatric hospital restraints&give you involuntary injections of psychiatric prn medications to help you deal with your voices,delusions,agations,anxitey,drepression,ptsd,ocd,and other symptoms that your having.and they allso treat transgenders,very well and sometimes you will get your own room,its a very safe&secure adult psychiatric hospital.

  5.0   2 years ago

I have gotten to know the team at Cedar Hills over the past 9 months and value them as people and providers of care. I believe them them to be people of integrity who care deeply about the well being of those who seek out their help. In my opinion and experience their #1 concern is the well being of the client . They teach them how to live their lives sober, help them build a network of support and take the necessary steps to move forward in their personal recovery process. I am personally 4 years sober and have worked in the treatment industry for 3 years and would absolutely trust them with the well being of my friends and loved ones.

  5.0   2 years ago

Well my experience with them during 11/17 was great. Very well treatment. Let you sleep if needed, food great and Never forced to do things.

  5.0   3 years ago

I work here and the staff truly care about the patients. It is unfortunate that there are negative reviews, but it is a great place for patients and employees.

  3.0   3 years ago

The staff was great except for one old nurse who left the light on and door wide open all night when I was on the last day of detox. Dr. Esparza wrote a prescription in unreadable handwriting, and refused to answer calls or messages from my pharmacist and myself to clarify the dosage. It has been almost 2 months and he still refuses to reply to my pharmacy. After relapsing, I was able to get a prescription through my PCP, but I hope I never have to go back to Cedar Hills because now it will be awkward to see him again.

  3.0   4 years ago

The only issues I had were the patients, what a bunch of sniffling worthless sacks of sh!@ . Most expected the hospital to fix there messed up life's overnight with no accountability of there own. What a waste of talent by the staff, they need to work with people willing to help themselves or at least put in some effort. Staff was great, patients were pathiec as most drug and alcohol abusers are. The best were the lowlifes complaining about the food or facility when they were eating out of a dumpster and sleeping in one the day before

  4.0   4 years ago

This isn't a perfect hospital and you're not allowed to have things that you would normally be allowed at most hospitals. When you are there though, you are there for a reason...to get help! I was there for a week for my Major Depressive Disorder. In a weeks time they were able to help me tremendously. They changed my medications to the proper combination that works for me. They gave me coping skills and a routine. They introduced me to recreational activities like yoga that changed my mood drastically, and gave me a support team that worked to ensure my mental health would continue to improve after discharge. Most importantly though, Cedar Hills gave me a place to feel safe, and a sense of hope by the time I left. Some techs and Nurses were nicer than others but for the most part I feel I was treated with dignity and respect. They had my genuine safety and well being at heart. I appreciate the care I received while there.

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