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If your drug or alcohol use is interfering with your everyday life, don't wait to get help. You don't have to be bound to your addiction any longer. Call Drug Treatment Portland OR for more information at (503) 419-9899!

Being admitted to an inpatient drug rehab program can be very helpful in fighting your addiction. Some individuals addicted to drugs are reluctant to seek help at one of these facilities for many reasons. If you have been misinformed, it can be difficult to make a good decision. The most important thing is that you know the facts and are informed about what to expect with addiction treatment at an inpatient facility.

The staff of Portland treatment centers will never hold you against your will. You are not locked into your bedroom at night, and you can leave whenever you want. Drug rehab programs are unsuccessful if you are not willing to accept treatment. If you have a court order, you may face consequences later, but you won't be held in rehab against your will.

The first step is detox.

Getting the drugs out of your system is extremely important in order to make progress in drug addiction treatment. You need a clear head to work with counselors and others in order to reach sobriety. Centers provide patients with a safe environment to undergo the detoxification process.

Not all patients have the luxury of a supportive family, but for those who do, it is important to keep them involved. In many ways, they will be your lifeline when you are out in the real world. They can hold you accountable and make you aware of any warning signs you try to ignore. Counselors at Portland Drug Treatment Centers will hold family meetings and encourage contact as long as the relationships are healthy ones.

Counseling and education is the backbone of drug addiction treatment.

Rehab would not be successful without treating the issues that underlie your addiction problems. Counselors help you deal with the psychological and behavioral issues of your drug use. Life coaches help you make informed decisions about your everyday and long-term needs. Drug treatment centers provide patients with the resources that can help them maintain a sober lifestyle after they leave rehab.

Admitting you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is an important first step. The next step is to get informed about your options for addiction treatment. Inpatient drug rehab programs are safe environments that can help you live the life of sobriety that you desire. Don't let addiction control your life. Call Portland Drug Treatment Centers today at (503) 419-9899 for more information.


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