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At Portland addiction recovery centers, they understand that staying sober after treatment can be difficult. After going through a period of rehab, you're probably ready to move forward with your life. After all, you've done it! You've conquered your addiction. Most addicts are more than happy to return home after rehab, but even addicts who have good intentions often relapse. Why is that? What causes relapse after recovery? More importantly, what can you do to stay sober after rehab?

First off, understand that relapse isn't just something that happens. Most addicts don't wake up and think, "I'm going to relapse today." Instead, relapse occurs slowly. Most professionals agree that there are three stages of relapse: emotional, mental and physical. When you return home to your normal life, you need to be on guard against relapse. This includes continuing your recovery efforts. If you're going to counseling, for example, you need to keep going. If you're attending support group meetings, you need to continue attending those. It's when you stop focusing on healing the addiction that relapse tends to occur.

How to Stay Sober

When you've been sober for a period of time, it's even more important to focus on recovery. Even if you've been sober for several months, relapse can happen. One of the best things you can do is replace your negative addictive habits with positive habits. For example, if you feel stressed or anxious and want to drink alcohol, consider exercising instead. If you're bored and tempted to smoke marijuana, try going out and spending time with friends instead. There are many positive ways you can fill your time that don't involve addictive substances, such as volunteering at a nursing home, spending time with underprivileged children or helping your neighbors walk their dogs.

Finally, keep in mind that recovery is something you'll focus on for a long time. When you enter periods of extreme stress, the temptation to use drugs or alcohol can be strong. One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to be aware of your own limitations and avoid things that trigger your addictive tendencies. Portland recovery programs can help you identify these triggers. For example, if going to parties makes you want to drink, you need to avoid parties. If spending time with certain people makes you want to use drugs, you may need to avoid those people. There's nothing wrong with focusing on yourself and your recovery during this time. Support groups like Narcotics Anonymous can also help the recovery process by letting addicts share their experiences with like-minded people. It's not too late to seek help. Call drug and alcohol treatment centers in Portland today!

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