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Addiction is a powerful disease with far-reaching effects and complications. Since addiction affects the community as well as the individual, providing effective treatment is a social responsibility. At Portland Drug Treatment Centers, their goal is to treat the causes and effects of addiction so that patients can reenter society as strong, productive, drug-free citizens. Comprehensive approaches to addiction recovery are designed to help heal the community and protect its future, one individual at a time.

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For many addicts, fear of judgment is a very real concern. Our society, though progressive in many ways, tends to look down on those suffering from addiction. For addicts, this can result in further damage to self-esteem as well as an unwillingness to ask for help that they so desperately need. At drug treatment facilities, they operate on the firm belief that addiction is a physical disease and should be treated as such.

Their goal is to eliminate the social stigmas associated with addiction and approach the problem from a medical standpoint. They treat each patient with the kindness and respect they deserve and focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. They offer a calm, nurturing environment in which patients can fully commit to recovery, free from the judgment and distractions of the outside world. Through residential drug treatment methods, they aim to provide the compassionate, comprehensive care necessary to a healthy recovery.

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Portland Drug Treatment Centers strongly recommends calling an Addiction Specialist to get advice on which treatment facility is right for you
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Personalized Recovery Plans

At drug and alcohol rehab facilities, they understand the complex personal nature of addiction. They feel that since addiction affects different people in different ways, treatment should be tailor-made to suit each individual's unique needs, goals, and circumstances. In order to provide intensive, individualized care they perform thorough evaluations of each client's health, substance abuse history and more.

They also encourage open communication between patients and staff members, which helps to provide the kind of in-depth, personalized treatment necessary for sobriety, health and better quality of life. In short, they not only understand that each patient is different: They appreciate those differences and provide treatment accordingly.

Addiction and Psychology

In many cases, poor mental health is a contributing factor to substance abuse and addiction. Due to conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, many individuals use drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medicating symptoms. Therefore, they feel that treating these underlying issues is crucial to lasting recovery. Their psychological care methods are designed to identify and treat mental illness as well as address the emotional effects of prolonged addiction.

During counseling sessions, patients are encouraged to explore their issues with drugs and alcohol as well as create strategies for long-term sobriety. Plus, in group meetings, patients will receive the added benefits of peer support, accountability and much, much more. Combined, these efforts treat addiction at its source, enhance psychological well-being and promote lifelong health and sobriety.

The First Step to Recovery

Due to factors like fear and denial, many addicts are unwilling to take the first step towards a healthy, sober lifestyle, even in light of devastating effects. At Portland Drug Treatment Centers, we understand the challenges associated with seeking addiction treatment, and we're here to help you take the first step on your path to finding an addiction center that will meet every need you may have. We want to help.

The longer you wait, the more you put yourself at risk for dangerous complications to physical, emotional and psychological health. Let drug treatment centers in Portland provide the quality care and support you need in order to take back your life, one crucial step at a time. Call us today to let us help you in your search for the right facility. You'll be glad you did. (503) 419-9899!

About Portland, Oregon

The beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, is located in Multnomah County at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Often referred to as the "City of Roses," Portland is known for its outdoor gardens and green space areas as well as its environmentally friendly contracting and development practices. Because of these and other efforts, Portland is one of the "greenest" cities in the entire world.

The city's unofficial slogan of "Keep Portland Weird" is a testament to its citizen's liberal values and quirky sensibilities. Indeed, the residents of Portland, who call themselves "Portlanders," take pride in the city's artsy culture, numerous local businesses, and other unusual attractions.

Historically, Portland was an agricultural mecca. Today, the city is a hotbed of culture and entertainment and is home to a number of theaters, educational institutions, symphonies, museums and centers for the arts. Portland is also known for its contribution to indie music, filmmaking, animation and much more.

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