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Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Understanding the dangers of addiction and how to spot symptoms of alcohol abuse....   Alcohol is one of the few drugs that is socially acceptable, however, this substance can be very addictive. Although not everyone who drinks will become an alcohol abuser or alcoholic, a percentage of peopl... Read More

Portland Opiate Rehab

Lost control using your prescription medication? Portland opiate rehab centers can help you get your life back on track...   Opioids - prescribed narcotics - are a type of drug used to treat and control chronic pain. However, this does not mean that they don't pose a risk to your health, ... Read More

The Decision to Get Help at AA Treatment Centers Portland

Finding AA Treatment Centers Portland: The Decision to Get Help...   The first step towards ending alcohol addiction is making the decision to seek professional help. Often, those struggling with alcoholism find that the decision to seek help doesn't come easily to them. Several reasons, ... Read More

Portland Alcoholism Intervention and Drug Treatment

An intervention is often needed before someone with an alcohol problem will accept professional treatment. Secretive behavior and denial are common place among alcoholics, with formal or informal intervention measures often initiated by the friends and family members of alcoholics. Invitational and ... Read More

Portland Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery in Portland OR  (503) 419-9899...   At Portland addiction recovery centers, they understand that staying sober after treatment can be difficult. After going through a period of rehab, you're probably ready to move forward with your life. After all, you'... Read More

Portland Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment

Suboxone is a medication that's FDA-approved to treat opioid dependence. The medication contains the drugs buprenorphine and naloxone. The buprenorphine is a mild opioid drug that reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings while the naloxone is a medication designed to prevent misuse of the drug. ... Read More

Drug and Alcohol Free Apartment Building Breaks Ground in Portland

Last week, ground broke on an apartment building in Portland that will offer affordable and drug and alcohol free living. The Miracles Central Apartment building is a collaboration among the Miracles Housing Club, Central City Concern and the Portland Housing Bureau. The building, which will have 47... Read More

When Help Could be Enabling an Addiction

Help without Enabling the Addict...   It's the question on the minds of all parents: when is helping not helping? There's a point in life when an addict or alcoholic has to come to terms with the reality of addiction. He or she has only two options: choose to get well or continue on t... Read More

Choosing the Right Rehab or Treatment Center for Yourself

Choosing the Right Rehab or Treatment Center (503) 419-9899...   Choosing the right rehab or treatment center is no easy task. There are hundreds and hundreds of centers to choose from and the variety of options may seem overwhelming, especially when trying to distinguish between... Read More

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