Choosing the Right Rehab or Treatment Center for Yourself

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Choosing the right rehab or treatment center is no easy task. There are hundreds and hundreds of centers to choose from and the variety of options may seem overwhelming, especially when trying to distinguish between "inpatient" or "outpatient," "12 step or non-12 step." Do you need a 30 or 90 day detox?

The rehab and treatment center terms that describe the services offered on every website or advertisement may all start to sound redundant. However, in order to find the right rehab or treatment center, you must first have a concept of what the problem of addiction entails. The issue of addiction is a painful and personal problem, feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness are pervasive in addicts. Addiction is a chronic disease that changes the structure and function of the brain, that's why it's difficult for addicts to admit they need treatment.

  • The disease of addiction is complicated and unique to every individual.
  • Professional medical treatment that is supported by medical evidence is not always given to addicts in rehabilitation, or they could be receiving subpar treatment.

With the realization of the above mentioned issues, here are questions you should be asking in order to gauge whether a rehab or treatment is going to work in your benefit.

  • What is typical length of stay based on your diagnosis?
  • Are the physicians Board Certified in the field of Addiction Medicine?
  • What is dual-diagnosis?
  • Will your insurance cover your stay?
  • Will you need to undergo drug or alcohol detox? And how do you find this out?
  • How regularly will you have access to a your physician?
  • Will you receive therapy from certified specialist?
  • Are there peer support groups for you to attend?
  • Will your family be involved in your recovery?
  • Will you have access to individual counseling?

Be cautious of the "rate of success" statements by many centers — drug or alcohol recovery is a long-term process. You may find this is a lot of effort but it's an effort that you certainly deserve.

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